Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Use of 3D

Vice Versa
OReilly and Klassen take on U2

I was watching random short animations today and came across these three that caught my attention. The thing that I find interesting is not their use of 3D animation but 3 dimensional space. I think we often see and expect things to be one particular way. For those who animate, we might often forget that there are rules that can be broken. Not to say these examples should be in regular use.. but its like the principle of of thirds in photography.. once you learn it and understand it, if an image calls for you to break it, then break it.

More specifically, in Vice Versa, the way the camera moves and the way it transitions from a 2D space to 3D and back is really well done. It adds interest and at the end, helps with the point. Muzorama on the other hand, uses 3D space as more of a genre specific effect, that being surrealism. As for the U2 video, OReilly and Klassen use flat translucent layers to represent walls and other objects, as well as lighting. Its definitely better in some areas than others, but where its good, the space that would other wise be very flat, is give depth.

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