Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rogger Rabbit 2

So, the newest article on my Google Reader list is titled "Zemeckis reveals who's scripting Roger Rabbit 2." And I think to myself, this could be great or could be terrible. Upon reading the article it starts off with a brief description of how ground break the original movie was in the way it mixed live action and animation. Finally it gets to the paragraph where he revealed it.

Now the first red flag should have gone up when the article states that he revealed the news while promoting his new movie Dicken's A Christmas Carol, but shortly there after it said that they hired the original screenwriters from the first movie back to write a new Roger Rabbit. AWESOME! Finally Hollywood is going to do something right.

Of course the excitement was short lived when in the next sentence it says this: "The director had admitted earlier this year that new digital tools such as
performance-capture technology had finally convinced him that the time
was right to revisit the hugely popular movie."

WHAT... THE ... seriously... performance capture... you mean that same stuff the made Polar Express and your new movie look like dead emotionless characters walking around.. you mean that same stuff the all the successful animation studies stay away from... WAIT... you mean you aren't even going to do it in 2D. Really Robert, save yourself some money and don't make a sequel to a great movie and shame its name.

Original article here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/2009/nov/03/robert-zemeckis-roger-rabbit-2

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